Surgeon Scrubs

This is unavailable in Console Version

Scrap Value: 26.25

This surgeon suit is craftable if you own the item on Steam, and, in terms of ballistic protection, makes a great alternative for the Hazmat Suit due to not requiring a researched blueprint, and having a decent, mid-tier overall body protection in one piece, rather than separate pieces of clothing to cover all areas, for a relatively cheap crafting cost. It has no real specialisation, other than a decent radiation protection (which still doesn't compete with the hazmat suit) that allows you to go in most places. Therefore, it's really just the fact it's a cool-looking surgeon suit, and offers fair overall protection. For combat purposes, the Surgeon Scrubs positions itself in the mid-tier segment, directly next to armaments such as the Bone Armor kit, Hazmat Suit, and commonly put together clothes sets that lack any specialized pieces of armor.

bite 8 %
cold 8 %
despawn_time 40
disabled_version 2
explosion 5 %
identifier -1785231475
melee 30 %
projectile 25 %
radiation 15 %
stack_size 1